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Compare the 2016 Toyota Camry

Compare the 2016 Toyota Camry 

The new 2016 Toyota Camry comes with tons of great features, including a redesigned exterior that is both bold and refined, a powerful engine, and the latest entertainment technologies. Compared to models like the 2016 Honda Accord and the 2016 Kia Optima, the Toyota Camry wins every time. Below is a list of comparisons to show just how impressive the Camry really is.


When it comes to performance, the Camry offers more low-end torque than the Honda Accord, largely because the Camry reaches its peak performance at 6000 rpm versus the Accord’s 6400 rpm. In terms of fuel economy, the Camry get 25/35 MPG* (city/hwy) compared to the Accord’s 23/34 MPG* and the Kia’s 24/35 MPG*. If you want the perfect combination of performance and fuel economy, stick with the Toyota Camry.


The Camry also comes with other great features, including a high-mileage Hybrid trim, lag-free infotainment, and a more refined interior. The Camry is less bulky than its competitors, and it comes with a redesigned fascia that looks bolder and more athletic. One great mechanical feature on the 2016 Camry is also its sequential fuel injection system, optimizing engine timing and ensuring a smoother ride.


The new 2016 Camry is a reliable, durable ride that comes with great acceleration and an eco-friendly powertrain. Compared to the competition, it’s a no brainer—get the new Camry today. See a breakdown of the 2016 Toyota Camry compared to the 2016 Honda Accord and 2016 Kia Optima below.

Compare 2016 Toyota Camry vs 2016 Honda Accord vs 2016 Kia Optima MSRP MPG Safety Rating Pros 
*  2016 EPA-estimated city/highway mileage. Actual mileage will vary.
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