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Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense is a comprehensive combination of five features that directly help the driver to avoid collisions and make driving safer. With the Pre-Collision System, for instance, your car senses when you’re too close the vehicle in front of you and gives you audio and visual warnings, as well as automatically engaging the brakes.


Lane departure assist performs a similar function—it alerts you when you’ve started to drift over into another lane and turns the wheel so you get back to the center, which can prevent a collision with a car coming up behind you or driving in your blind spot. Pedestrian Detection uses the same sensing technology to help you avoid pedestrians. It’s especially helpful in low light!


Toyota Safety Sense even has Automatic High Beams and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, which allow you to use convenient features without fear of harming other drivers. The Automatic High Beams automatically switch to low beams when another car is approaching, erasing the usual problem of using your brights. Radar Cruise Control slows down in traffic when it senses you’re closing in on another vehicle.


With these smart new technologies, driving is easier and safer than ever. Get some peace of mind with Toyota Safety Sense.

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